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Ned Freeman

"Through a lot of creative approaches, David Newby is continually trailblazing new opportunities for everyone whose goal is prosperity... if you are ready to invest in yourself and go to the next level and beyond."



What is the book about?


"Wealth awaits anyone willing to learn and apply what prosperous people do."

- David Newby


For over 50 years now, 9 out of 10 Pinoys have retired broke. Even worse, today there are many economic tsunamis brewing that can easily wipe out the value of your hard-earned savings. The massive printing of U.S. Dollars and other currencies by central banks around the world, government defaults on debt, and mismanagement of stock markets are already resulting in higher prices of the things you buy every day, and will likely destroy most of your wealth in the next few years... unless you do something to protect yourself ngayon!


However, there is hope. In the midst of the economic storms brewing, there is a way to not only protect your current savings but to get extremely wealthy at the same time! In "Treasure Islands: Your Guide to Buying and Safely Selling Gold and Silver in the Philippines," David Newby gives you a simple, easy-to-follow plan to identify and replace limiting beliefs that are keeping you from being wealthy, show you how to protect what you already have while you're building your nestegg with investments in gold and silver, and reveal how to create true, lasting financial security for yourself and your family.

Here are some key benefits you'll discover in the book:

  • How to invest in precious metals in the Philippines- gold and silver- profitably, easily, and safely

  • Why you MUST diversify part of your cash into gold and silver if you want to avoid getting wiped out financially and get ahead... no matter how much you earn

  • A proven exercise that allows you to create your ideal lifestyle more effortlessly than you ever dreamed possible (page 30)

  • How to MASSIVELY grow your wealth in the next few years due to almost unstoppable global economic trends

  • When to know it's time to sell your precious metals for maximum profit

  • How to ensure your prosperity- in a good OR bad economy

In Treasure Islands: Your Guide to Buying and Safely Selling Gold & Silver in the Philippines you will discover ACTIONABLE strategies to protect and grow your money to help your dreams come alive and become reality. No long drawn-out theories or fluff. David will empower you to pursue your dreams when you now use these secret strategies for success!

As he writes: "If you're going to live, why not live richly in every area of your life? I have no interest in just scraping by, and I'm sure you don't either! Are you willing to commit to your own success? If you are ready now, then you are reading the right book. I don't claim to have all the answers, but I do have a blueprint for success that anyone can follow." It is time to look at your finances and ask yourself, 'What's missing in this picture?' ... and then NOW take action to protect yourself at iyong pamilya!

If you suspect you may be missing a piece to complete your financial puzzle, it's time to get informed and do something about it. Let David Newby welcome you to a whole new world of financial possibilities ngayon.


*A portion of the proceeds from your book purchase supports CCT, the largest Christian microfinance group in the Philippines that helps Filipinos start their own businesses and helps them with housing and scholarships for their children.*





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